Monday, June 01, 2009

Birthday Weekend

We went to Baton Rouge on Friday to attend Mila's recital and sixth birthday party. Amelia, Chris, and Bryce Eleanor went, too, and we had adjoining rooms at the hotel.

We stayed at the Hilton downtown which is about 3-5 minutes from Erin's apartment and where we could watch the river, swim in the pool, and walk to the recital.
No one enjoyed the recital more than Max and Bryce Eleanor. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a picture of Mila in costume, but she was, of course, a marvelous dancer!The birthday party was suitably hectic and full of fun for the kids. The pinata is a big deal for the kids, but this one was a tough one to beat into submission. Getting a picture of Mila was almost impossible as she was on the run and in the middle of kids the entire time!It was a full weekend, and we all enjoyed it very much. Returned to Shreveport around 6:00 last night...very tired!


  1. What a great weekend you all had. That is some pinata! Aren't the little ones so wonderful?!

  2. Fran - It was a great weekend! The little ones are a treat, but boy, do they grow up fast!


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