Thursday, May 28, 2009

I finished the blue tee. This is the center front, paisley-like detail.

The center back detail...I'm thinking I may add more here, later.
Bottom, right, front detail, covering a small stain.
I didn't realize how many tee shirts I had until I started pulling them out to embroider them. Quiet a few! I'm working on one more right now, then I'm going to abandon the "embroidered tee" project for a while and catch up on some other things.

Still learning Sanskrit terms and working on my yoga reading list. I've finished Heart of Yoga; now reading Yoga for Wellness, then I'll have to decide on the next book in the stack. I've actually finished Yoga Anatomy, but only because it is one that I already had, and I've been working on it for quite a while.


  1. Great idea to embellish your t shirts like that. Your designs are fantastic! I always love seeing your flowers, my Queen Anne's Lace won't be blooming for a while yet, just short lacey green leaves so far. I do have some similar, lovely, parslely blooms in the herb garden, time to plant this years parsley (plants, not seeds, I don't have enough patience to wait for parsley seeds to become parsley at this time of my life.

  2. Fran - Thanks! Instead of just embroidering little scraps of cloth to keep my hands busy, the tee shirts feel more useful.

    I adore Queen Anne's Lace, and they just spread each year, re-seeding on their own. I plant parsley plants, too. Things that re-seed on their own are great, but I rarely start things from seeds. Same with basil! Although, sometimes they re-seed on their own, too, which is all to the good!

  3. i imagine it is harder to stitch on a knit....stretchy.....


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