Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Early Morning Photos

Instead of a drawstring bag, I decided on the envelope style. The envelope is a deep purple and doesn't show up so well against the slate, but the little "wallet" will hold cards, etc., and will slip easily into my purse...I've been saving thread snippets for a couple of years, always intending to make some "fantasy cloth" with them. Since I've been using Solvey for stabilizer on the tee shirt embroidery and had some odd pieces left, I decided to try the "fantasy cloth" and came up with this: [clickable]

It is a small piece, and I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but I have lots and lots of thread to make more if I choose.

The monarda (bee balm) is blooming. I used to have red, then some white appeared (?), and now I have pink.
All my photos were taken early, so the light isn't very good...


  1. Your purse turned out very nice...the background color makes the embroidery really stand out.
    I haven't tried using solvey yet, but it sounds intriguing.

  2. The envelope style was a good choice for that piece. It shows it off beautifully.

    The first time I did something like that thread thing was in a Caryl Bryer Fallert class. She called it "Thread Vomet". I like the texture it adds. I cut mine into 4 pieces & made it the corner blocks on the sample quilt that I made from her class. My son owns it now.

    Do you get Hummingbirds at your Monarda?

  3. This turned very well.
    Do you think your monarda hybridized some how? I've noticed that it seems to do funny things. My pink actually disappeared, or turned sort of lavendar like the wild stuff.

  4. I love your envelope! Am especially taken with the color combination. I do love that vivid color in bee balm flowers. I used to have several clumps but over time they have shrunk considerably.

  5. Art4Sol - I'm really liking the Solvey as a stabilizer. Less stress on the stitching than the tear-away kind.

    Deb H - I'm thinking I'll avoid that name...makes me queasy :) I do like the texture all the threads give, though.

    The hummingbirds prefer the Blue-Black Salvia which is all around the monarda.

    Kay - I do think hybridization is involved in the monarda color changes. I want more of the red, though...

    ACey - The envelope works much better for a purse than a drawstring. My clumps of bee balm have also shrunk... that Blue-Black Salvia is even more aggressive than the bee balm and has crowded it out.


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