Monday, April 06, 2009

Weekend Review

Erin, Mila, and Max came in this weekend, and things have been a LITTLE hectic! Max loves digging in the garden, and Mila loves the snowball viburnum.

Saturday the adults attended the Cork Festival (babysitter for Bryce Eleanor, Max, and Mila); billed as a wine-tasting, the Cork is more of a huge party with hundreds of wines and the best restaurants in town serving small samples of their best dishes. Whew! Marty had reserved a table for family and friends. A very full afternoon...

Sunday we had lunch and then went to the Norton Art Gallery for pictures. They've done so much work in the last year, and the gardens are truly beautiful. Bryce Eleanor before...
and after getting dressed.Amelia, Bryce Eleanor, and Erin watch Mila and Max.


  1. my, how they're growing! Think the picture of Max managing to slid his hand between the two garden bricks is hilarious.

  2. You have great garden help!=-) Adorable grandbabies! (and moms!)

  3. Such beautiful photos of your beautiful little ones...really really cute.

  4. a full house makes for a fun house!

  5. Beautiful babies, all of them!

  6. ACey - They really do grow so quickly! Mila will begin first grade next year!

    Debby - Oh, yes! Lots of help going on around here. I'll be on my own again after they leave today...

    Connie - Thanks!

    Karoday - And busy!

    Deborah - Thanks! They all looked so sweet in their dress-up clothes.

  7. Beautiful children, nice blog and welcome to our Fiber Focus Group!


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