Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

Some pictures of the Norton Art Gallery Gardens where we went on Sunday. We missed the height of the azalea beauty, but the gardens were still lovely.

Erin and the kids left yesterday afternoon to head back to Baton Rouge. It was a nice weekend, and I'm so glad the expected rain didn't happen, but it was cold and windy on Monday so playing outside wasn't too much fun.

It got down to 34 Monday night, but yesterday the wind wasn't as strong so it was a little better. What a strange Spring this has been. Mitcham's Peach Farm in Ruston had some luck--they were afraid they might lose their entire crop of those wonderful peaches. The entire Ark-La-Tex and Ark-La-Miss breathed a sigh of relief.

No sewing for the last week as things have been so busy, and I have meetings and appointments, etc. for the rest of this week that will have to be attended to.

Also have to finish catching up on a couple of book reviews for A Garden in the Pocket, my book blog. I really enjoyed The Beach Street Knitting and Yarn Club and The Thief (a YA fantasy for the Once Upon a Time Challenge).

Catching up on blog reading and emails is another item on that infamously long "to do" list!


  1. It is just crazy that it's so Springy there!

  2. Beautiful gardens! Are those "white" dresses??!

  3. I'm trying to wrap my head around missing the 'height of the azalea beauty' - we had snow earlier this week! fortunately monday and tuesday's wintery weather is just a memory now.

    who needs azaleas when there are such beautiful children about!

    hoppy easter!!

  4. Lisa - We've gone back and forth so frequently lately. It has been bad for so many trees and plants that begin to bloom and then get hit with a freeze!

    Debra - The gardens are lovely and huge! I only took pictures of a few areas. And, yep! White dresses!

    kimy - I'm hoping all of us are finished with the wintry weather--you guys have had the real cold stuff! We just move from 80 degrees back to 30 which is a minor inconvenience.

    Hoppy Easter to you, too!


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