Wednesday, April 01, 2009


The eye pillows were a big hit! In fact, I expected a couple of casual thank-you's and was a bit overwhelmed with the excitement and appreciation! Tonight, the Wednesday class will get theirs.Love my new smiling Buddha that Fee brought me. I'm thinking about making some eye pillows for Christmas gifts... And maybe a dream pillow like ACey makes (which I intended to make a while back, but didn't).

I felted these on the machine, then wet felted, fulled, etc. If my idea works, I'll show you what I intend these for soon. Such a simple thing, but I'm not optimistic, so they may fall of the radar all together.The spiral block little quilt is still hanging on the design board and needs some loving attention soon.

This snowball bush delights me each year! The flowers look like hydrangea blossoms, but the shrub itelf has grown higher than the a tree.I really enjoyed this article about the Centenarian Quilter. She made her first quilt 92 years ago! (found via The Quilting Gallery)


  1. I too enjoyed the Centenarian Quilter, thanks for the link. I wasn´t aware (there´s no quilting tradition in Germany) of the saying that a quilter goes to pieces instead of growing old... the lady´s lifestory kind of strikes a similar note as the Bishop poem I posted yesterday, with her home lost twice...

  2. What a wonderful Buddha...I like the unfinished look of it...growing out of a tree.
    My favorite fabric is the one on the sewing flowers...very beautiful.
    It sounds like you'll be in production mode with your herbal dream pillows. I knew the response would be positive.

  3. Love the Buddha...and the Centenarian quilter, what a great story...I loved it! Reminded me of my mom...she always had a project going, or two or three...

  4. Love the Buddha! It's amazing. The herbal eye pillows were bound to be greatly appreciated. They're beautiful, useful and thoughtful.

    Now to go read about the quilter!

  5. ger - I didn't realize there was no quilting tradition in Germany. It looks as if the tradition is being well-established at present, though! I'm glad you enjoyed the article, and it does fit well with the Bishop poem.

    Art4Sol - Fee gave me a lovely carved Buddha for my birthday, but that one stays down at our little cabin. I love having this new smiling Buddha for my sewing room!

    Sharon - The Buddha's expression is so sweet and cheerful. He makes me smile back at him. I was so pleased with the response on the eye pillows!

  6. Quiltnbee- Debby, the Centenarian quilter gives me hope! I always love stories of individuals who are vital and active in extreme old age. Your books are in the mail. :)

  7. Kim - Thanks! I love him, too. He cracks me up!

  8. emily harrel's story is such an inspiration....thanks for the link.

    wonderful buddha, spreading much happiness...wonderful fee!

  9. kimy - The older I get, the more I appreciate stories about active minds and bodies in those who are even older. Especially that much older!


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