Thursday, April 09, 2009

On Cancellations and Alternative Plans

The doctor's office called yesterday and postponed my annual stress test, lab work, etc. So I found myself unexpectedly free this morning and loved it. I hate those things--you know "nothing by mouth after midnight," and I have to starve as we go through all the testing.My alternate plan :) -- and much preferred -- has been to look through Mila's kindergarten journal and choose a couple of pieces that I can turn into a gift for her teacher, Mrs. White for the end of the year. Mrs. White is one of those true treasures, and Erin has been so pleased with the relationship between teacher and student. Above Mila and Max are playing in the sprinkler. Mila in her red wagon (Mardi Gras Float) for the class Mardi Gras parade. Below is a light box tracing of the scene in pencil...because I couldn't find my water soluble pen.I have a few other things I want to prepare for handwork while watching my Netflix series Island at War, which is very, very good. If any of you have read the WONDERFUL book The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, you might want to watch this version of the occupation of the Channel Islands during WWII. If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend it!

Other good Netflix movies from March were Vitus and All Passion Spent. Loved them both and love being able to combine handwork with a good movie.


  1. I agree - that is a terrific series which I hated to see end. I was totally engrossed, and wanted to learn more about that part of WWII history.

    I saw "Tell No One" on Netflix the other night. It is a French movie, based on the book by Harlan Coben. A good thriller.

    I love the idea of using kids' drawings for embroidery. Would you believe I still have some of the girls' stuff from grade school? You've given me some ideas.

  2. Totally fabulous drawings to interpret in handstitching! Draw, Mila, Draw!

  3. Deborah - I'm really enjoying this series! I knew so little about the Channel Islands, and the history is so fascinating.

    I've seen the previews for "Tell No One" and need to add it to my que. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Yes, I'd believe you and wouldn't that make a great Christmas gift for your girls--to make them something from their drawings!

    Debra - That is what I keep telling her! I loved the drawing she did of her dog Mojo last year.


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