Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mila's Art in Fabric

Mila's drawing has made it into fabric...I traced the picture with light pencil and had some difficulty following the lines, but I've found my water soluble pen now and won't make that mistake again.

I decided to try machine stitching instead of hand embroidery on this one and added some color with the raw edge appliques for the dresses and the wagon. (note the wheels on both sides of the wagon...)
It isn't a perfect match with the drawing, but close enough, I guess.

I'm not sure whether to make a pillow or a wall hanging with it. Erin, which do you think Mrs. White would prefer?

We will be heading down to Raft Bayou later for an Easter Egg Decorating Contest organized by Amelia.

Early morning view from my sewing room window--Happy Easter Weekend!


  1. Very cute! I'm thinking that I might try some machine embroidery. Lovely view!
    Happy Easter!

  2. Oh my goodness, Grandma, this is so fabulous.

  3. Forget Mrs. White, send it to me!

  4. Wonderful. Keep going, and make some fabric books!
    I have just remembered, When my kids were quite small I had a drawing from each of them transfered onto a plastic plate. They are still in the cupboard, but if I had been a quilter then ....... I hope I would have made books.

  5. I love children's art. You've done a good job of capturing it. It's so cute!

    I am finishing a quilt with some child art in it right now.

    Happy Easter. I hope you find lots of good eggs!

  6. Okay, off I go to the back closet to dig out the old art work from 20 years ago! I'm so envious of your view. Beautiful! Happy Easter!

  7. Wow! What a fabulous idea to use Mila's art in such a fashion.

    When I was a young mother (thing 1960s), Wonderful M-I-L sent our daughters little unfinished bedside chests. One, I painted bright pink (Elder Daughter's choice), frosted with cream glaze. The other I painted lime green (don't recall if it was Younger Daughter's choice or why) and, while the frost layer was tacky, had Younger Daughter finger paint on the top of her chest. Both chest tops were then finished with clearcoat for durability. You brought back fond memories.
    Cop Car

  8. That is such a great way to preserve drawings!

    I am envious of the view outside your window. Your gardens are gorgeous!

  9. Art4Sol - For some reason, translating Mila's drawings to fabric is one of my favorite activities. Very satisfying. Hope you had a good Easter!

    Gerrie - :) Thanks, Grandma!

    Debra - Heh! The last drawing of Mila's I did, I made into a pillow and kept it myself!

    Virtual Quilter - I made Mila a fabric book a couple of years ago using scraps from fabrics that I used to make her dresses. Guess I should do one for Max and Bryce Eleanor, too.

    Don't you love momentos like your plates!

    Deb - Thanks! Erin emailed that she wanted it to be a wall hanging, so I guess I'd better make a binding and get on with it.

    I'll be by to check out your quilt!

    Deborah - I bet your grown kids will appreciate your efforts even more than little ones do!

    Cop Car - I bet your daughter was so proud of that chest and that it has a special place in her memories.

    Rebekah - It is a FUN way to preserve them!

    I love my new sewing room partly for the view!

  10. Jen that art/quilt/drawing is SO COOL! REALLY COOL!

  11. I love children's art work and have been wanting to give something similiar a try every since I saw Kristin's art quilt at Paducah a few years ago where she turned her daughter's art work into a quilt.

    Ya know, this could be a sub-genre of art quilts...

    Has Mila seen it yet? What did she say?

  12. Cowgirl Goods - Thanks! So much fun to do...

    I'm working on a little cowboy embroidery now, and wondering if with just a slight alteration, I could make a cowgirl next! I'll show you soon and you might want the free pattern I'm using.

    Karoda - I love children's art work, too, and have been intending to make blocks of drawings for a quilt. I'll have to check out Kristin's!

    Erin emailed me that she preferred to give Mrs. White a wall hanging instead of a pillow, but I don't know if she showed Mila or not.

  13. How beautifully green and flowery your window view is! I always enjoy seeing pictures of your garden.


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