Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ta Da!

My apron arrived! Have I mentioned how much I love it? Even more! The picture isn't very good; maybe I'll have Fee take one of me modeling the apron in the kitchen (now where is the kitchen?) when he comes home.

Thanks again, Marjorie (Cowgirl Goods blog and Etsy Shop)!

In Monday night's yoga class, we talked about herbal eye pillows for savasana and just resting your eyes and relaxing in general. current project is, of course, herbal eye pillows for class. I've been experimenting with different combinations of essential oils. I made one for me with eucalyptus, geranium, and lavender for my sinus headaches, but my favorite for savasana and relaxing are just the lavender or lavender & spearmint.

I'm not really sure how many to make for the two yoga classes as some people have quit coming, and we've added several new people in the past month. I'm going to make enough to cover the Monday class and have some left over, and then if I need more for the Wednesday class, I'll have time for that.

I've made 17 muslin bags and have more than half of them filled and sewn closed, but still have to make the covers for them. Really, I think that will be enough for both classes. I've used 2 bags of flax seed and need to get some more today. I'm also low on lavender (the flowers, not the essential oil), but think I have enough left for the rest of the bags.

I'll take pictures when I get the covers done. My studio smells so good!

Baby rabbits have the run of the yard right now. The grown ones are huge, but this one ise still in the cute bunny stage.We've been waiting for Holly to have her baby, and Emma Pierce Fleming arrived yesterday! Amelia designated herself as photographer and has already sent pictures to half the continent. Miss Emma is a beauty like her Mama. Congratulations Holly and Joe!


  1. You look adorable in the apron. Forget the kitchen. Wear it out to dinner.

  2. Very cute! You and the apron.

  3. that's a spiffy picture! you need it as your profile pic!

  4. Gerrie - I do love that apron! Doesn't take much to make me forget the kitchen!

    Kay - Thanks!

    Debra - I've decided aprons are the way to go. Fashion and domesticity! :O

  5. springtime babies!!! bunnies and humans.

    very fetching apron picture.... and one's imagination can go all sorts of places with this picture! tee hee - go fee....

  6. mouse - Plenty of bunnies...just in time for Easter.

    No, we won't go there!


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