Tuesday, March 03, 2009

One Last Block

One last wonky star for the Bush Fire Project--quilts for those who lost everything in the Australian bush fires.Actually, there are only 5 blocks; one appears twice. I didn't notice when I made the collage because I was in a hurry.
These went into the mail yesterday with the baby quilt for Debra's Pregnant Teens Project. It feels good to complete something.

Because I'm a procrastinator (and afraid of failing), I don't always announce my intentions to join or take part until I'm already well into the process. Oh, Fransson is having a Quilt-a-long that sounds like fun, but I'll just wait and see if I can work that in before making a public commitment.

Mac was able to come home yesterday afternoon. He isn't completely well, but is eating and drinking his water and feeling much better. Thanks to all of you who gave him good wishes!

Although I no longer have young children around, I do have grandchildren, and so I read several parenting/child-oriented blogs. I love the activities that are posted, so many of them look like such fun. The Artful Parent has posted possible activities for each day in March. Lucky Maia!

I have so many projects I want to tackle, but (as with my reading) sometimes the sheer number of things I want to do (or read) becomes almost paralyzing. Maybe a clean and organize session will inspire to get started on something!


  1. Thank you for being so honest in your last post. I too have so many projects I want to tackle, but it does become paralyzing at times. Then there is housework.............uh, does that count?? I too am thinking about following Oh,Fransson's quilt along. Thinking about it :-)


  2. I avoided the computer in February and am finally trying to catch up. I *chuckled* out loud when I read that "you've been MIA" (Feb 20th) and today's "projects I want to tackle, but..." had me nodding in agreement - I have missed reading your posts!

    The quilt-a-long does sound like fun... I wonder if it would help focus some of my activities or just dilute them? hmm

  3. I am completely besotted with the fabric combo on this most recent star. All through the past month Ive had borderline anxiety attacks about my various ideas that aren't even "in progress" yet as well as the umpti-million things I've started with no clear end in sight. Now I am just trying to apply mental and emotional horseblinders and take it one stitch/page/idea at a time.

    Heh. and my word verification for today is "tardia". Too funny.

  4. Jocelyn - I guess we all feel overwhelmed with the "must do's" and "wanna do's" at times. And, yeah, housework counts because it always interferes with what we wanna do.

    We'll just see how things develop, but I'll be keeping an eye on the quilt-along. :)

    Kim - I'm glad you are feeling better and back to posting.

    Would the quilt-along focus or dilute...good question. That is why I might quietly participate as it works for me rather than feeling required to keep up.

    ACey - The solution is so simple, isn't it? One thing at a time. I just wish my monkey mind would adjust to that attitude!

    I love some of the word verifications lately!

  5. Jenclair,

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I too love the word verifications. I am new to the blogging world and so far it has been fun to glean and share.



  6. Jocelyn - The "gleaning and sharing" are the best parts of blogging!


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