Monday, March 02, 2009

More Stars, New Floor, & Give-Away Link

Friday's purchases: A new surgical seam ripper (this baby is a result of all the quilting I recently had to remove), fabric grips for the ruler that still had none, and thread.I read about this seam ripper on someone's blog months ago, and when I saw it, I couldn't resist. The removal of all that quilting the other day was such a chore, and this little gem should prove useful if a similar, awful incident ever happens again.

Busy week-end:

*Fee finished putting down the wood floors in the guest bedroom that will eventually be my new studio. The room still needs to be painted and more lighting installed, but it will be fractionally larger than my present room. This room will be the guest bedroom when I finally get moved.

*He also put can lights in the living room. What a mess! Everything covered in ceiling dust... good thing I covered the furniture with sheets.

*My role--clean up after him. Delighted to do so; a small investment in some big improvements.

*Two more wonky stars for the Bush Fire Project. Great Give-Away over at V and Co.! Moda Honey Buns!


  1. i'm getting another room ready too to move into with my "stuff". it is so exciting! good luck with mac-i know that's so worrisome. p.s. love the stars and thanks for the quilt links.

  2. A better seam ripper is something like a better mouse trap, don't you think?

  3. Teri - Are you as impatient as I am? I can't wait!

    Mac is doing better, and may be able to come home today!

    Kay - I've tried it out and that razor sharp edge requires not the least bit of effort! Easy as pie. Love it!

  4. These 2 stars are really pretty...

  5. I have a surgical seam ripper, but not that one, and I have found it a great time saver, but still, sometimes, I reach for the old one. Rulers, I have rulers, lots and lots of rulers. So many in fact, that if I bought the non-slid stuff I'd go broke. So I bought a package of sticky backed sandpaper for an orbital sander and then used my hole punch. Worked like a charm!

  6. I've seen a few of those surgical seam rippers and they all look awesome. However, knowing me, I'd end up with an appendectomy in a week! So I've done my very best to resist, Let us know how you like yours and maybe I'll get braver and less directionally dyslexic, too!

  7. That seam ripper looks dangerous!

    Had I known you were giving the quilt to me I would have told you to cover the oops on the back with a false back. But, I didn't know (or maybe you decided after the oops back!)

  8. I needed that seam ripper for the quilt I have been struggling with for a month. I think I ripped out every single thing I stitched.

  9. ger - Thanks!

    paula - So far, I like the new seam ripper, but I'm hoping not to have to use it extensively!

    What a great idea about using the the hole punch and sticky backed sandpaper!

    Michele - :) I'm always a little nervous when I use sharp objects! Hoping to avoid self-surgery...

    Debra - Yes, the quilt was intended for you, and it has plenty of problems, but there was no way around that large piece of fabric I quilted to the back!

    Deborah - So I'm not the only quilting impaired individual? I'm sorry that neither of us had one of these!

  10. oh those stars are lovely i see them poping up all over the place! thank you for the link!

  11. V&Co - Thanks, and I'm keeping my fingers cross about the honey buns!


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