Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I've been doing some gardening in the last several days...and now have poison ivy on my shins. And puffy eyes from the pollen. Should rain today and knock some of the pollen out of the air.

Have decided that this is it on the spiral block. It will be a doll quilt.Playing around with piecing left overs for the back.Filling in the spaces on this piece.
Amelia loves his Chic-fil-A song, but I enjoyed this one, too.


  1. LOVE the spiral...you are revisiting some really cool pieces! I love his "Cleetus Take the Reel"...he's hilarious...

  2. that was a hoot!

    cool spiral too!

  3. That was hilarious!

  4. Debby - :) I'd never heard of him before, but he really is hilarious!

    Debra - My husband just shook his head! I love the way Tim Hawkins gets tickled himself.

    rian - Funny man!

  5. the embroidered details are so wonderful. You seem to be on quite roll of creative productivity!

  6. ACey - Thanks! It won't last long, so I hope to make the most of it!


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