Saturday, March 07, 2009

Friday Progress

When I finally got home after a meeting and lunch downtown on Thursday, the third day of painting awaited. I got to work and finished the ceiling--with frequent short breaks as my arms got so tired. Reaching overhead really worked on my shoulders, but the room is all painted and worth it!

It is now time to begin moving in and this presents the most exhausting part--decisions, decisions, decisions.
Saturday Morning
I worked all day yesterday moving into the room, trying various arrangements, and finally getting to this. It will take much longer to finish trashing stuff and organizing.

Fee couldn't believe I'd move it all myself, and he has no idea how many times I moved it once I got it all in the room.If you click on the pictures, you can see how much still needs to be done.I plan to put the closet doors back on, although I know they will be open most of the time.
Geez! I'm not sure I will ever be finished! This is the fifth day, and I can no more estimate how much longer it will take than I can sing an aria.


  1. I so envy you your new room! It's large and bright...can't wait to see the finished studio! Keep up the momentum. I so want to redo my's very small, but if it was organized right, I know it would bring much pleasure. Physically I can't to much for painting/moving stuff, but I love to's the painting/moving that has me stymied. I asked for a remake as a birthday pressie, but that fell on deaf ears...when there's a farm that needs work, the house stuff gets last attention...:( Sorry to gripe on your post. Maybe someday the kids will have pity on me...or I'll just have to small section at a time....I hate cleaning brushes over and over though....MY...I am complainy! your space and looking forward to seeing more when it is up and finished!

  2. Yikes! You are woman, hear you roar!! I need to do this. Now that my office is painted, I need to get the studio done.

  3. It looks better already than one of my (two) rooms (called "the Rumpelkammer") does - permanently...

  4. I am soooooo impressed. Think all the yoga has probably boosted your general stamina level.

  5. isn't it exciting to move to a new space with new possiblities? check out my blog-started my new studio last week after my kids moved out. i was so lucky that my sister helped me paint since my hurt foot only allows a couple hours of painting a day. i agree, the biggest challenge will be moving all my stuff in there and deciding what i'll do with it. it'll all be worth it even if it takes me months. good luck and keep sharing!

  6. Thank you, Jenclair for showing us a true work in progress! That you'd open up your doors and show us what most of us feel like hiding, is just proof that you do know it will be all clean and sparkly, soon! It will be a great use of space for your creative energies..we look forward to seeing it I am most certain you do ;) Oh, but there is SUCH a good feeling in the doing of the almost impossible sometimes. It reminds us that we truly CAN do anything! Crank up that music and it will be done in no time!!!

  7. free indeed - I'm so delighted with the idea of a fresh start that I'm keeping my dismay at organizing at bay.

    About the brushes: I wrap my brush and roller in plastic wrap and don't wash them until the room is done. I also use those plastic liners for the paint pan and throw them away. Saves so much effort and annoyance!

    Gerrie - Hey, I once had an antique shop and moved and refinished furniture. Big furniture--sideboards, hutches, etc. Of course, Fee helped me load and unload, but it was just the two of us. My roar is not as loud now as it was then!

    ger - :) I love that term! I may adopt it!

    ACey - The yoga has certainly helped my flexibility and my attitude!

    suesue - Yes! It is exciting to move into a new space. The frustrating part is wanting to make use of it when things are still in chaos. I'll be over to check our your progress today (and maybe get a few ideas)!

    michelle - It is an eye-opening experience to see what you have and what you've forgotten. I found a small quilt that was all finished except for the binding piled in with finished pieces.

    The organization take so much more thought than the painting and moving. Anne Murray's "Hey, Mama, There's a Hippo in the Bathtub" is calling me to more effort right now!

  8. Wow, you've been busy! Getting organized seems like an endless task but once the job is done it feel so good!

  9. WOW! What a great room. You'll get there.

  10. when you're finished and you will eventually...plop your feet up and enjoy a good bottle of wine ;)

  11. Kim - Busier than I expected and for longer. Must be a defense mechanism in the brain that helps you forget how long this kind of job takes!

    Rian - I hope so!

    Karoda - The wine is an excellent idea. I will certainly celebrate!


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