Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New Reading Pillow

New pillow is complete. Recognize the fabric? This one will be going to a dear friend.The pillows will make good gifts for readers, and I have another one in the works.

Mac's surgery went well. Dr. C. said it was a good thing we didn't wait. Mac is doing well and will be able to come home today!


  1. this seems like one of your most versatile and covet-able project ideas yet. Glad to hear about Max!

  2. Do you have a pattern for that pillow? If not, would you be willing to post the dimensions, and how you made the page straps. Are they elastic? It's a great thing!

    The word verification word is "reado". How about that?

  3. the pillow, what a great idea...I know you are so hapy Mac is able to come home today!

  4. ACey - :) The pillows are great if you read a bunch. Mac is remarkably bouncy for a tiny dog with staples the length of his belly!

    Kay - No pattern, but I think I'll post a tutorial. I'll take some pictures and give dimensions. So simple. I'm still experimenting with straps, but all are elastic. I'll be gone most of the morning, but will try to get to it this afternoon.

    Word verification has become quite interesting lately!

    Debby - Thanks, Debby. Mac has been in a lovely mood for post-surgery. Dr. C. said that we should all feel so good after major surgery!

  5. What a magnificent idea!

  6. Love your pillow. what a super idea. You should do a tutorial... would be interested to know how you did the page holders.

    Glad to know Mac is recovering. It can sympathize!

  7. Your friend will love it...and you also.

  8. Nice pillow!

    If I ever get the post finished, I'm leaving you an award on the sewing blog.

  9. Trying to catch up -- nice pillow and love Laundry Day -- but the Sunday pictures of Miss Bryce stole the show!

  10. Thanks for all of the nice comments on the pillow!

    I finally finished the troublesome one that I was working on and have both gifts in the mail now.

    I'm still planning on a tutorial, but have not been able to get around to it yet. The one I'd planned and worked on had too many problems. One of which I solved with the "idid" (as Erin used to say) that occurred to me in my frustration.


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