Monday, February 23, 2009

Me and Murphy

An addition to the stash, from Z & S Fabric's sale.Yesterday, I did get back into the studio...and experienced Murphy's law. I pieced the back for the little cowboy quilt, pin basted the quilt sandwich, and began quilting. First, problems with tension. Next the feed dogs refused to drop. Adjust, fiddle, fiddle. Unstitch. Start again.

Ahhh, things began to work pretty well. Until, I discovered that when I'd pushed the quilt forward and pulled it back, I'd picked up a large scrap of fabric and quilted it -- thoroughly quilted it -- to the back. Damn. Damn. Unstitch. Damn. This was a long and arduous process. From the beginning this quilt has been cursed. OK--I know that each and every problems (except for the feed dogs) was a result of my haste, carelessness, or wrong decision, but still...

I was so glad yesterday when it was time to get ready for yoga so I could put the (damn) thing down and go work out some of the tension in my back and neck.

This morning was my dental appointment, and when I got home, I finally finished unstitching. Hope to go forward with more caution!

On to things that make me smile:

Erin sent me these pictures of Mila and Max: the first is from Valentine's Day and the second from Miss Mila's Mardi Gras parade at school.And here is Bryce Eleanor with her daddy at Saturday night's parade.Today is Fat Tuesday and the last of the parades. Tomorrow begins the Lenten Season.


  1. Oh what a frustrating quilting problem, how unlucky. That frogging process is the pits.
    Your grands are so beautiful!

  2. Ah, we've all been there. Knowing it's your fault makes it worse.

  3. Sucks but the grandkids are sure cute!

  4. It's funny how some projects can give you grief like that right from the get go.....must be a test of some kind????

  5. Connie - Unlucky or careless, I reached the height of frustration trying to take out all of that quilting! The grands are such a restorative...they make me smile even from pictures.

    Kay - Lessons in patience and caution come hard, don't they?

    Debra - Yes, "sucks" describes the unstitching. Thanks, I think they grands are cute, too. Can't help but be a bit dazzled by them.

    Art4Sol - Life is full of these personal exams, so they no longer come as a surprise. :)

  6. you know I get the idea Mila loves the camera almost as much as it loves her. Such a confident and charismatic little girl! Am glad to have read that the problems expressed in this post have been reconciled.

  7. ACey - :) Yes, Mila loves the camera! And she loves being behind the camera, too. She loves to take photos, and she does a pretty good job.

    My gosh, this little cownboy quilt has been a lesson in humility.


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