Saturday, February 28, 2009

Liberated Stars

I'm working on a few liberated (wonky) stars for the Bush Fire Project.
The blocks are 12 1/2" (12" finished), so it was a good way to use up some scraps. I could also make some smaller blocks of about 4"-6" and use even smaller scraps just to get through the scrap pile.

So many projects on my mind, so many books to read, and there is still ordinary life to get through!

Had a long, chatty lunch yesterday with Thomas and caught up on what has been going on with him and the park group. I do miss Tai Chi and the friends who used to get together 3 times a week for Tai Chi in the park, that was in addition to classes 3 times a week!

Although a few of our group are still attending classes, several of us have drifted away in the last year or so. Even getting together for lunch is difficult. Mike is often on the road from Van Couver, to Florida, and back. Nina has been busy with work, and Beth has been going back to school, Thomas is teaching Tai Chi a couple of times a week in addition to classes, and I've switched to yoga. We were so close for years, but directions have changed over time.

After lunch, I went by the library to pick up my interlibrary loan books that had come in, then to Fabric Boutique for some thread, then to my visit with Laddie. I was looking forward to getting home and relaxing with one of my books, but instead, things got really hectic.

When I got home and let Mac outside, I noticed blood in his bed. On the phone to Dr. Core, then bundled Mac up and dashed to his office.

The exam and ultrasound did not reveal what was causing the problem, but he took some blood for testing and gave Mac an injection of some antibiotic and a narcotic to ease his stress.

Dr. C. called this morning to check on Mac and to tell me that Mac has pancreatitis (again). I'm to continue with the medicines he gave me yesterday and to watch Mac closely in case he needs to make another trip to the office. So far, he seems to be feeling better. Hang in there, little fella'.


  1. This: "So many projects on my mind, so many books to read, and there is still ordinary life to get through!" Is my life in a nutshell!

    I hope max is feeling better soonest.

  2. I love the liberated piecing. I took Gwen Marston's Liberating Piecing class just before her book came out. I have been "liberated" ever since.

    I hope Mac gets better soon.

  3. Those liberated stars are showing up everywhere & for a good cause too! Thank you for supporting all of our good causes!

    and for Mac--hope he is going to feel better.

  4. Thanks for all you kind comments about Mac. He is back at the vet's for now.

    Lisa - I guess your blog title says it all: "Books, Lists, Life" !

    Deb - :) Wow, I'd love to take a class with Gwen or Freddy! Their quilts are such fun.

    Debra - I love looking at all the variety in these liberated stars! I'm not sure Tia anticipated the kind of response she received.


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