Monday, February 16, 2009

Barkus and Meow Parade

I'm not big on Mardi Gras Parades--with just a couple of exceptions, of course. Barkus and Meow is simply not to be missed! Sponsored by Pet Savers, many participants were adopted in past years and more were adopted yesterday, no doubt. We took Bryce Eleanor to the festivities and had a great time.

There were dogs of all sorts and sizes, a couple of cats, some guinea pigs, an adorable pot-bellied pig, and miniature horses.

Click on any picture to enlarge.I took dozens and dozens of pictures!


  1. I want to go!!!! looks like it was a purrrrfect day I can just imagine b.e there - delighted beyond belief!

    thanks for sharing the fun!

  2. Oh, this looks like great fun! And what lovely weather you had. My dog would be howling (he does that).

  3. Too cute! Only problem...I see lots of barkuses and no meows? Did you happen to see any in the parade? Oh...and what did Bryce Eleanor think of all of this fun?

  4. kimy - It was such fun! Bryce Eleanor has very few words, but "dog" is one of them. Still, she liked the children as much as the animals.

    rian - :) There was some howling, but not much, and lots of sniffing. No problem at all with any aggression; every dog was well-behaved.

    Michelle - When I said a couple of cats, that was it--two! They were both contained and one was in a stroller with a black mesh all over it. You had to right next to it to realize there was even an occupant. I suppose most cats don't care for the rowdy atmosphere and boycott the parade.

    Bryce Eleanor enjoyed it all until she fell asleep!

  5. the only parade i attend at my age is the one that passes in front of my house! i'd go to this though, it looks like fun and my grandkids would love it too. how funny, but georgia's clearest word is "puppy". everything is a puppy. aren't grandkids the greatest?

  6. suesue - :) It is too funny to see children and adults posing with their animals for photographs. Lots of smiles during this event. Everything is geared toward families, and the Barkus Crew have created a great atmosphere for little ones.

    Grandkids are the greatest! We know where we stand in their priorities, somewhere behind dogs and puppies!


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