Saturday, January 03, 2009

Weekend Plans & Disruptions

The sock doll is on hold while I consider her face. Below is the embroidery project I'll take with me this weekend for CED. If I work on either the doll or this project, my week of CED should be assured.

Yesterday was pretty much all Bryce Eleanor...but what fun!
Today, after delivering Miss Bryce to her parents, we will be heading to Baton Rouge to see Erin, Mila, and Max.

I've almost finished reading Chakra Yoga by Alan Finger, founder of The Yoga Zone and Be Yoga. Of course, I've spent more than just the 20 minute sessions (recommended by The Vigourous Mind) in reading and taking notes, and now will be taking a little break from it to let some of the information settle.

Two documentaries from Netflix have arrived; hope to watch them next week. Since there are so many great documentaries offered, I can tell I'll be watching more than two a month.

Jan.3- A Year of Living Your Yoga: We are not seeing a situation as it truly is if we have expectations. "The next time you are involved in a conflict, notice how you want things to turn our your way. Ask yourself, How would this be and what would I say now if I could see what the other person sees? "

Bryce is down for a nap, and there has been a change of plans. The trip to Baton Rouge has been canceled as a result of the bad weather that is moving in from Texarkana to New Orleans.... I'll have to wait another week to see Mila and Max.

What an entertaining activity...

Anything else in there?


  1. Jen, your little Bryce Eleanor is such a cutie pie! And yes, tossing books from the shelf is such a fun activity. After Jacob was starting to walk, I made sure to put the "good books" up higher where he couldn't reach. I put a lot of my children's books on the lower shelves. Having been an early elementary teacher, I had a lot!

  2. you are certainly reaping the sweet rewards of grandmother-hood!

  3. Wheeee! What fun, Jenny! =-)

  4. I can hardly stand to come over here and see this sweet baby pics!

  5. We are not seeing a situation as it truly is if we have expectations. just so true. my mother always told me not to expect to much wen i became a mother....just understand. it worked miracles for me.

  6. Caron - What a sensible idea! I never dreamed that pulling them out could be such fun, at least if I moved all of the children's books there, she might do more than just pull them out.

    ACey - Yes, and then I can send them home to their parents!

    Debby - I might have guessed that you'd think it was fun to have a pile of books close by!

    Debra - I can't believe I've become such a doting grandmother!

    jude - Your mother is a wise woman.

  7. what fun pictures of that adorable bryce!

    there is nothing as tempting as a bookshelf for humans of all ages!!

    every child needs a doting grandmother! you are just doing 'your job'


  8. kimy - I find all of my grands so remarkably funny! Maybe it is the distance of years, because part of the fun is noting the similarities and differences to their parents as children.


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