Thursday, January 15, 2009

"time yet for...a hundred vivisions and revisions"

My yoga class last night was a real work out. Having missed a couple of classes while sick made a difference to my stamina, I suppose. Nonetheless, I felt great when it was over, relaxed and happy.

Didn't have much time for creative play yesterday, but I managed about 30 minutes on "laundry day."
This morning, I've been flooded with a variety of ideas that I'd like to try. Today, I hope to get some time in on "laundry day" and maybe get another idea in the works.

I'm enjoying my reading of nonfiction, one of the projects I set for myself this year. So far I've read 4 nonfiction books and have another in progress and several more in the stacks. I read nonfiction so much slower than fiction, but have made good progress. Fortunately, the books I've read have been compelling, and I've been eager to return to each of them.

One of the other projects I've thought about, but not yet pursued, is returning to reading poetry. This was once an almost daily pastime. How long does it take to read one poem? Somehow over the past two years, poetry books have not been on my bedside table as they used to be. They are all shelved. This morning I pulled one out...a pleasure to be reacquainted with my anthologies. Hello again, Mr. Eliot!


  1. mr. eliot I'm sure is very pleased at your return.

    the laundry project is fun....

  2. I'm not much of a nonfiction reader but I've been thinking about borrowing a couple poetry books from the library..... I only have a Robert Frost one with beautiful photos. I love how one line can mean so much.
    I like your laundress....more good ideas.

  3. i am not much of a reader. i randomly pick things up and read a bit, but no regular routine and i rarely finish anything if except short stories. a bad habit.
    the little fabric story is great!

  4. kimy- :) I had fun with the laundry day thing!

    Darlene - I've always loved poetry and had not realized how it slipped out of my life.

    jude - I suppose I'm a reader before all else (sometimes including family, to my shame). You tell stories, I read them!

  5. Poetry is an excellent activity to add to the day and most poems take less than twenty minutes to read! I do hope you're reading them aloud.

  6. Kim - I opened to Siegfried Sassoon on Saturday, and read and cried. Should have known better, I've done it before. The WWI poems of Sassoon and Owen always do that, but damn, they are so good!


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