Saturday, January 31, 2009


I've been exploring texture this week. (I need something to post about!)

Reading has once again taken over my evenings. I've even cut out my weekly television shows. Except for Lost. After dinner, the current formula is read until time for bed. The pressure of the growing stacks is part of the problem (by the chair, on the table by the chair, on the little table on the other side of the chair, on the chest by the chair, on the table behind the couch, on the top of the bookcase, on the ...well, almost every surface in the house has at least one book). Fortunately, my luck has been excellent this month, and the books have been informative and entertaining.

A new reading pillow is in progress. This one will be a gift, and I plan to work on it some today.

Also have to choose paint colors for the house. We've already picked out a new front door. These things take so much more time than I anticipate. Who knew how many possibilities are involved in a new door. I pointed to the picture of an attractive door, and the man started asking questions about all kinds of things I'd never considered.

What? Door. This one. Here are the measurements.
No, not nearly that simple.

:) It really isn't that difficult, but I was surprised at the decisions. Paint colors are proving a problem, though. We thought we had chosen the colors, but now Fee and I are re-thinking--but in different directions. Another compromise in the near future. Very near future!


  1. Love your texture pics! What is the first one??
    This reading pillow is really a good idea... I think I need one of these.

  2. textures are always good....i keep a library of them. and the reading pillow is such a great gift idea. thanks for that.
    funny how choosing color can get such emotional reaction. my grandmother was almost comatose for years but made it very clear in her own way that she did not want the walls painted blue.

  3. Francoise - The first picture is of an old ceiling tile.

    I'm really enjoying my pillow. It is proving so useful.

  4. jude - I like the idea of a library of textures! I have a bunch more ready to post because I got so caught up looking for more and more.

    Yes, paint color can be emotional. Glad your grandmother was able to express her opinion about not wanting the blue.


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