Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Quiet Evening

Since we ended up not going to Baton Rouge, I kept Bryce Eleanor until a little after 1:00 this afternoon before returning her to her parents. Came home and straightened up a little, read, and...took a short nap!
Tonight I got started on the new embroidery piece of healing symbols. Symbols have always fascinated me, and I have two hefty books on symbols that I used when teaching literature--heavily highlighted and annotated with literary connections. The symbols I used in this piece are stylized reiki healing symbols--which I find interesting, especially the snake and spiral ones.There are two rows of coral stitches in a variegated perle cotton, then some metallic gold has been laced through the first one.

I've also begun reading Resolute, a historical account of the various endeavors to discover the Northwest Passage. Fascinating so far. After reading The Terror, a novel about the Franklin Expedition, I became quite interesting in the search for the Northwest Passage and the mysterious disappearance of the Franklin Expedition --both ships, the Erebus and the Terror--simply gone along with their crews, despite all of the rescue missions mounted. Another book on the subject and on my wish list is Frozen in Time, which I'll see if I can get on interlibrary loan.

Have some eyes pinned on the sock monster, but I'm not sure if they are what I'll end up using.


  1. Very interesting reading material. The embroidery is pretty, as all your work is.

  2. Wes gives me such a hard time about using variegated threads all the time but I like the darn stuff. I will be stopping by to see your symbols as they progress. This sounds like an interesting project (but not as interesting as the sock dolls!)

  3. Connie - Thanks, Connie. Have no idea how the piece will turn out, but as usual, I love the process.

    Debra - Variegated threads are so much fun! Wes is just giving you a hard time, I bet he really likes them, too.

    I like taking breaks from projects to think about them, but have to be careful not to leave them too long. The sock doll is resting up, waiting for eyes. :)

  4. We just got a book on symbols donated to the LFL which I think Ricky pulled out, so it's here somewhere. Looking at your old link. Procrastinating my To Do List.


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