Thursday, January 01, 2009


How cool is this?

I've finished all but one item on today's "to do" list! And had a huge lunch of black eyed peas, cornbread, cabbage, and pork chops. Whew! Oh--no, I didn't do the cooking, Fee did. So? I still finished all but one item on MY "to do" list.

Tonight, while watching The Railway Children, (which when I ordered it, I somehow thought was The Boxcar Children -- oh, well, close enough) I made some progress and took a slightly different direction on Elizabeth's sock monster.

I was going to crochet her a dress, but got to looking at the piece left from a glove used on this character, and since the two will be going to the twins...decided the new one needed an orange sweater. The one with the schnoz will be Blanton's, and the slightly more feminine, rabbity one will be for Elizabeth.

I had fun playing with both of them. Guess I'll have to see if Max might want one, or John David, or...all I need is the slightest excuse to make another one.


  1. Who wouldn't want one of those adorable creatures!

  2. Let me know if you *reeeally* just want an excuse cuz I sure do love the original one you did!! heh heh =-) =-) =-)

  3. So cute. I'm with Debby: if you need an excuse...

  4. I just love your sock clever.

  5. Once you finish with the kids, I bet the adults want one too!

  6. Gerrie - I've enjoyed making them, and I do hope the kids enjoy them!

    Debby - :) I'll keep you in mind!

    Deborah - We are never too old for dolls, are we?

    Darlene - Thanks!

    Debra - I could buttons on the adult ones! Can't do that with the wee ones...

  7. ahh... I remember The Boxcar Children. I loved those books.

  8. Kim - I loved them, too. I'd like to read them again!


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