Friday, January 16, 2009

On Laundry, Hot Water, and Gratitude

Progress on Laundry Day. Top left and bottom right--before toned down with tea dye (Hey, Jude!) and bottom left, top right show the difference. (click to enlarge)
I wish I had not used a pearl cotton for the applique; a black quilting thread would have been better--not too thin, not too thick. The collage cut off the little bird at the top and her feet at the bottom, but the next pic will probably be after it is finished and will show those sections. I liked it much better after the tea dying--one of jude's tricks!

Amelia's in-laws arrived yesterday, and her hot water heater went out! It was 17 degrees last night, which is FRIGID in our neck of the woods. Cold showers in this weather are not really an option.

Fee, Chris, and Bill worked on it, but no go. For some reason, they couldn't get a new one installed until Monday. Which is weird because Monday is a holiday--MLK Day.

The plan was to go down to the cabin for the weekend anyway, so things aren't as bad as they could have been.

Things to be thankful for:
  • hot water
  • family
  • sewing machines, fabric, thread
I got a package in the mail yesterday from Debby (...Pieces, Too...) with a copy of Amagansett by Mark Mills! Now, I'd looked for this at my library, and they didn't have a copy, but Debby didn't know that. Finding this surprise in the mail was such a thrill!

Thank you, Debby, for your kind, thoughtful, and unexpected made my day.


  1. poor amelia - what timing!

    a cold shower is even hard to do when the weather isn't frigid! now it could be deadly....

    the tea dying really added a lovely dimension to an already lovely washing day collage

  2. I like the expression on her face and the combination of fabric. Glad you're feeling better; isn't it funny how a burst of energy comes with recovery?

  3. Your work is charming. I found your blog via quilterblogs. Will enjoy following it.

  4. totally love her head of hair!

    I could see the finished piece printed as a greeting card.

  5. hey! the tea worked great! i am gonna try wine tonite...ha!

  6. kimy - :) Fortunately, everyone seemed to take it with good humor. I may join them in the country tonight (at least they will have hot water there), but may wait until tomorrow.

    Kay - Feeling better is just terrific. I'm almost through with the antibiotics but think the sinus infection has been defeated.

    Loreen - Thanks and thanks for taking the time to comment!

    Debra - The fiber I used for her hair worked well and relieved me of having to think too hard!

    jude - Red, I suppose? I think I'll settle for a glass for myself about now!

  7. Amelia's water heater must have caught the bug that slew our water heater. Thursday, 5:00 AM, I heard our sump pump activate. Fortunately, the water from the burst heater went into the sump rather than flooding the basement! Our friendly plumber had a new heater installed by 2:00 PM. It was 9 degrees, outside, at the time the heater broke; but, was down to 7 degrees by the time the new heater was installed. As you say, not a good time for a cold shower.
    Glad your sinuses are improving.
    Cop Car

  8. Amagansett is good; read it awhile back. I couldn't get into his second book, though. Love the collages. I want to try something like that but lack any artistic ability whatsoever.

  9. anon - Can you imagine a time when all of the hot water had to be heated on the stove? My goodness, but you need all the warmth you can get when the high is 9 degrees!

    Deborah - Some authors are uneven, but I hope to enjoy Amagansett even if I don't read anything else by Mills.

    I HAVE no artistic ability...which is why my figures are only a step above stick figures!

  10. You certainly DO have artistic ability!!!!!!!!!!!!! My gosh, I always am so drawn in and entertained by your work...

    You are very, very welcome! I'm glad you were surprised...I thought you might be! haha! =-) I always love (good) surprises in the mail so I thought I'd send one this time Enjoy!

  11. Debby - You are always so sweet. I can't wait to begin Amagansett; such a lovely surprise!

  12. Laundry Day is coming along nicely. I like the thicker thread!

    With regards to you having no artistic ability - NONSENSE! Just thought I'd put that out there.


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