Friday, January 30, 2009

Now What?

I have pretty much finished Laundry Day; I had initially intended to have some buttons on it, but wasn't pleased with the effect, so have decided against their inclusion.
I do like the buttons, but just didn't feel comfortable with them no matter where I moved them.
I am considering attaching the smaller piece to this striped fabric, but no decision yet. For some reason that fringey selvage that I used as a border pleases me.Working on this piece reminded me of an idea and a sketch I made a couple of years ago, and after some searching I located the original drawing. Have been considering it for the last couple of days and may attempt to jump into the fabric incarnation before long.

The new roof is on and looks much better. We changed to a light grey architectural shingle. Still some work to be done, but they are on another job today, so once again the pleasure of quiet and privacy. They will be back on Monday, but now that the roof is on, things should not be so noisy.

Mac is on antibiotics. Dr. C. said he found no evidence of cancer in the lungs or elsewhere, but he does have a gall bladder problem. This coming Monday, he will be back to see if he has to have his gall bladder removed. In these economic times and considering what I've spent in the last two weeks, I'm praying that the problem will clear up!

The blog world seems to be quieter lately; I'm not the only one who has taken a break from daily blogging. So...what is going on with you? Big (or small) projects in the works? Need to lie fallow for a time? So involved with the day to day that computer time is limited? Thinking creatively?

Oh, damn. They are back on the roof.


  1. The fringe looks terrific, but the stripe as an outside border is nice too. Did you try the buttons on the outside corners?

    Good news about Mac.

  2. I just love this little piece. Lately, I am all about the hand stitched marks.

  3. Kay - Thanks! I had thought about the outside corners at one time with another group of buttons, but when you suggested it again, I walked over and realized that putting the lighter buttons on the outside corners and using them to attach to the striped piece would be perfect!

    :) We were so grateful to have our fears put to rest. Not that Mac seems at all concerned.

    Gerrie - There is something satisfying about the hand work, isn't there? The seed stitches you have been using add texture AND the pleasure of making those marks by hand.

  4. This is wonderful. Brings to mind my mom and the clothesline in our backyard when I was a little girl. I loved the smell of laundry day...still do =-) I've mostly been knitting lately. Just sent off a darling little hat with earflaps to my 3 y.o. niece in CO...they just moved from SoCA and I am sure they are feeling the cold! I'll post pics maybe later today...

  5. I think you have a special gift for figures and the charm of details that surround them. Am thinking (and doing) creatively but can't seem to get my act together with actual blogging. I either avoid trying or simply sit staring at the screen or keyboard. Today I had a sort of breakthrough in that arena but am not sure how long it's going to last.

  6. the piece has really turned out so sweetly!!!

    I like the square buttons!

    fell a bit behind reading bq....and it's been lovely catching up.... love that thread drawing!

  7. I love it, and I like the idea of attaching it with buttons. good call!

    I spend my days thinking about sewing (or reading) then go home and waste my time until I go to bed. I really want to cut my little bunny/ whirlygig quilt this weekend tho.

  8. I've noticed the blogs are quiet lately too.
    I love, love, love this is absolutely adorable.

  9. Debby - I know what you mean about the memories, Debby. I remember helping Mother by handing her things from the basket and being eager to grow tall enough to reach the clothesline!

    I'll be checking on the hat for your niece!

    ACey - One of those down cycles.... I've been doing some of the sitting and staring myself!

    kimy - Thanks! I liked Kay's idea and am going to use the buttons to attach the applique piece to the striped one.

    Lisa - I've been doing a lot of reading lately myself. I tend to be lop-sided...either heavier on the quilting/sewing or on the reading.

    Hope you get to cut out your quilt this weekend. I've got to get some fabric to make the "Wild Thing" quilt. Sort of like a wonky whirley gig.

    Connie - Maybe were all waiting for Spring, but it has been quiet!

  10. this piece really shines, you have a real feel for this type of work. i am not sure it even needs buttons. blogging has sort of leveled off for a lot of folks lately. i have noticed a dip. my style has switched a bit too, so busy with the coma thing (ha!) i have been surfing less and limited myself to responding to comments directly on the blog itself to keep focus. hope all goes well. xx

  11. jude - Thanks, jude! I love blogging, but it does take a lot of time, doesn't it? Especially visiting other blogs to keep up with what is going on creatively. I do love your crazy cats!

  12. i haven't had any consistency in my workshop since November and I haven't found much to say about calligraphy other than it keeps me calm.

    The cold temps and the sciatica has been absorbing my energies and we switched schools for our youngest and I drive him to school and pick him up and now I'm adding physical therapy appts to the mix.

    Hey, but I did attach some casters to 2 cabinets I found at Craigslist for my collapsed cutting table!! Yea me!

    Now, you're sorry you asked uh?

    Great great great news for Mac!!!! I'm hoping the the next four years really boosts C-research and gives us even greater meds and treatment!!!

    I love the piece with the stripes so glad you decided to add it!!!

    As for blogging, I've noticed also, but the key is just going with the flow...I use my blog to blab on to myself and to any readers, so since its not a marketing tool for me, I feel no pressure. Commenting on other's blogs I don't do as much, although I guess with this lengthy comment, no one would believe it :)

  13. Karoda - In spite of what you say, it seems like you are getting a lot done! When I check your blog, there is always something new relating to fabric and experimenting!

    There are quite a few blogs that I check regularly, and they have been less active lately. I have been, too, for whatever reason.

  14. This is the first day of surfing for over two weeks because of holidays, so no stitching in that time either. But it is taking a lot of time to catch up on most of the blogs I have checked so far, so I haven't noticed that it is quiet around the blogs!
    Too hot in the sewing room now I am home to do anything there, even put away holiday purchases.
    On the day you actually added this blog post I spent the day in the War Memorial in Canberra, the Australian national capital. One special display there is of two quilts made by Australian and English women imprisoned by the Japanese. The story is inspiring, the quilts are wonderful.
    Judy B

  15. Judy - Hope you had a grand time on holiday!

    I'm sure the War Memorial was quite an experience. Quilts made by women imprisoned by the Japanese would certainly be inspiring! Did you take in any photos?


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