Monday, January 19, 2009


Laundry Day is still under consideration about what to do next. I know I want to use some selvages that I've saved because of the wonderful thready edge, but that is all I'm sure about.

I used one of these birds in Laundry Day, although I cut off all but the tail with the collage. They are the same general type that I drew for this pillow and this one.
I was practicing some machine quilting (thread drawing?) here for a valentine I want to make with a line from e.e. cummings before I left on Saturday. I'm not sure just what I want to do besides use that line.... I was having fun until I ran out of bobbin thread.

I know the person for whom the valentine is intended doesn't read my blog because (although she is my oldest and dearest friend) she is a Luddite. We write snail mail, not email.
I have a long way to go if I want to write the line using the machine. Need much more practice.

Went to Raft Bayou Saturday and visited with Linda and Bill, Chris' parents who were visiting from South Carolina. They stayed Friday night, too, but I went down on Saturday. Bryce Eleanor was certainly doted on the entire time and loved every minute of it! I had to keep sticking my hands in my pockets in order to give the other grandparents plenty of time, since they see her so seldom.

We ate and talked and tippled and generally had a good time. They guys went duck hunting, mud riding, and all those typically guy things, while we watched The Women (oh, yes, chick flick all the way). Sunday morning ~ sausage, scrambled eggs, Eggs Benedict, and mimosas. Mmmmm.

Fee and I got home last night and settled in with football for him and a book for me.


  1. my fav by e.e. cummings. your daughter will love it i'm sure!

  2. suesueb - Oops! It isn't for my daughter, but for a dear friend of 45 years. My daughters are both computer savvy, but my friend resists!

  3. love cummings too. funny, a lot of my friends don;t read my blog. a lot of them just aren't computer people. they just don't get it. sweet valentine....i can not make a machine do that.

  4. You are way ahead of me on the machine writing!

  5. jude - I'm still practicing on the machine writing. Nellie has given me a great tip, which I will post about later!

    Debra - Wait 'till I talk about Nellie's method!

  6. I like your birds - especially the angry-beaked ones... And words by e.e. cummings in stitch seem a splendid idea. I´d like to do some machine writing myself somewhen soon (didn´t really dare to fiddle around with the foot etc. till now), so I´m looking forward for details...

  7. Indeed one of my favorite e.e.cummings poems (along with a dozen others!) Looking forward to seeing how your writing progresses and any helpful hints you can share.

  8. those birds are adorable! =(^_^)=

  9. ger - I'm still practicing the practicing the writing some, but not there yet!

    Kim - I've always love that poem by cummings...perfect for Valentine's Day, isn't it?

    laura - Thanks!


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