Friday, January 16, 2009

Here is what I did today: thought about making a pillow.

The instigation for this was ACey's post about making a dream pillow. Well, I want one, too! I want a dream pillow filled with herbs; it may not guarantee sweet dreams, but would certainly be an inducement. I have lavender, which would be perfect, but no flax seed for filler. Also have rosemary...

On the other hand, I've also been one wanting a real reading pillow: one with a pocket for my pens and highlighter and my post it notes. With elastic bands to hold my book when I'm eating popcorn (or whatever).

I auditioned fabric.

Where would I cut the fabric? My cutting table was piled a foot deep with all sorts of miscellanea, including, but not limited to, fabric and sewing odds and ends. Started there.

Called away to other chores and several errands resulting in having accomplished little more than thinking about making a pillow. Any kind of pillow...
It is now after 6:00, and I finally got started on my first pillow. :)


  1. Your day sounded so typical of many of mine. Until you wrote you were started. I usually don't make that much progress.

  2. well I am curious as all get out to see what kind of pillow has emerged!

  3. LOVE your reading pillow idea. Super!! How nice. Can't wait to see it.

  4. Connie - :) I know better than that, Connie!

    ACey - I'll show you soon!

    averyclaire - I always use a pillow, and I always think it would be nice to have something hold the pages and a pocket for pens and stuff.

  5. Kim - Usually, thinking is as far as I get! After thinking about making one of these for so long, I was proud of myself for not only beginning, but actually finishing!


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