Monday, January 05, 2009

Cheerful Mums

Here are the flowers I bought yesterday. I adore the color! The color seems so fresh and bright--especially since this is such a dreary, overcast day. The flowers elicit a smile each time I pass by.
Worked on some beading last night. Unfortunately, the size of my chain stitch varied, therefore, putting a bead in the center of each looks uneven.

Attended the 7:00 AM ballet class this morning, but wasn't much taken with it. There was no barre work because there are no barres in the "yoga" room. The class deserves one more chance, since it is new; also, the teacher is very young and perhaps not prepared for a class full of 50-60 year olds. :) The lone young(er) person who came was Susan, who teaches the Monday night yoga class.

Stayed for the 8:00 yoga class, since I was already there, and enjoyed it very much. Have only attended this class once before because I attend the evening yoga classes twice a week, but it did feel good to begin the morning with yoga.

This experiment is so interesting. I don't know if I'd would have noticed the change or not, because sometimes, I'm very intent on someone's face, but at other times, my mind is completely on something else. How curious the brain is!

I couldn't embed the above video link, but the following experiment on "brain blindness" is also interesting.

Jan. 5 - A Year of Living Your Yoga: Do what you love.


  1. I love the color of those mums! Wow! I can see how they would really lift your spirits. I have a golf shirt that color and it makes me happy when I wear it.

  2. rian - The influence of color! Amazing the effect it has on our spirits.

  3. That's the color Wes and I painted the foyer of our bedroom a week or so ago. It's wonderful to wake up and see it!

  4. Those mums are so pretty! I love the color.

    That blindness clip was so interesting. I'd like to hope that I wouldn't miss something like that!

  5. I had those spider mums in a holiday bouquet and felt enlivened every time I looked at them. Begin most days with yoga and feel profound difference when I don't. More mood swings, brain fog and a lot less ability to set goals and follow through with them.

  6. Debra - Now that is a great way to wake up!

    Rebekah - I don't think I'd overlook it, but the people who didn't completely didn't notice! Makes you wonder.

    ACey - Flowers are so uplifting! My yoga practices are usually mid-morning or early afternoon and the classes I usually attend are in the evening, but I can see why you choose to begin your day with yoga. The ballet and yoga classes early yesterday felt great.

  7. Have you thought of deliberately making each chain stitch different? That way, you'll be looking at the pretty effect of the beads, not at whether each stitch is "perfect". I love the idea of the beads in the chain stitch, by the way!


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