Sunday, January 04, 2009

"The Best-Laid Schemes...

o'mice an' men/ Gang aft agley..." Well said, Robbie Burns. The movie plan (from earlier post) did, indeed, go awry as Amelia had something else scheduled that would have made the timing difficult.

We had a wonderful brunch, however, with Eggs Benedict and Mimosas--mmmmm. Then Amelia took off for Rachel's, and Fee and I did a quick turn around Sam's to pick up a few things.

I've done a little embroidering to meet my "creative every day" goal -- oh, and I bought some flowers at Sam's and (grinning satirically) arranged them. Alas, I am not a creative flower arranger, but the flowers themselves are beautiful.

Now, on to some reading.


  1. something else we have in common as I'm hopeless with flowers in a vase. Saw Ralph Fiennes this afternoon in The Duchess. A wonderful choice for the fabrics/costuming. love the gorgeous coral stitching in previous post. The gold over-stitching makes the purple thread sing!

  2. I too am hopeless with flower arranging.

    Nice to see you had such a lovely Sunday. As I recall, Robbie Burns's birthday is coming up. Jan 12??? Hoist a wee dram for me.

  3. ACey - :) Some people can arrange flowers so quickly, so naturally, so beautifully, but it really is an art! I want to see The Duchess, too.

    rian - A wee dram and some haggis (which isn't as awful as it sounds)! Much like boudin, actually. One year we attended a Burns Birthday party, what fun!

  4. I was looking forward to the movie review, oh well.

  5. Kim - I was disappointed about the delay, but eventually, I'll get there.


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