Tuesday, December 09, 2008

This and That

Paula (The Beauty of Life) asked about water soluble pens in a comment on the last post. I have two kinds. The blue one says water erasable and lasts until water is applied. It works great for drawing designs for the buttons or other embroidery, and lasts until I'm ready to remove it. The second one says water soluble, but it also says disappearing. And it does. Disappear. Too quickly to be of much use for most of my projects.

I've begun (obviously with little enthusiasm) some knitting and crochet projects. I'm not at all certain if they will be completed.
Look at all the junk on my design board behind me. Maybe if I took the time to clean that up...Funny and delightful things I've found on other blogs:

Suesueb's photos of the Christmas plays she and her siblings produced when they were little. Here and here.

Kay's hints for baking, quilter style.

Advent activity with children's books -- each day is a different book with an accompanying activity. Day 9 is The Night Tree with instructions for making wild bird treats. Day 10 is Santa Mouse and a miniature tree garland.


  1. I forgot all about the children's book santa mouse! thanks for tweaking or would that be eeking my memory. am sure the local library has it. I love the tiny tree. I will have to make one for notch my studio mouse!

    like the self portrait..... thanks!

  2. thank you - i must have a disapearing water erasable - i must get one of the others

  3. recently took down my design wall as it had become more of a vertical storage space. Am thinking of putting up something smaller with the hopes I won't fall back into "abusing" the space in that kind of way ...

  4. kimy - Isn't that a terrific Advent idea for kids? The combination of the books and activities is so rewarding in so many ways. There are so many great Christmas books, some of them going back to our childhoods--with all of the memories.

    And yes, Mouse Studio should have a copy of the book and maybe mouse decorations for the tree.

    Paula - The disappearing one sounds great until you discover that you have barely begun on the work and the rest is gone! The other one is great!

    ACey - Exactly! Vertical storage! The part I like is that things are immediately visible. The part I don't like is that after a while I don't see them anyway so they may as well have been put away.

  5. thanks for the links. i love my water soluble pens, use them often. i mistakenly used the other kind once and was frustrated to have to mark everything all over again!

  6. suesueb - I do love the internet! There are so many wonderful ideas out there.

    The water erasable pen is a wonderful tool, isn't it?


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