Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Softy Dolly

I really wanted to use buttons, but for tiny tots, buttons are not necessarily a good thing.
No buttons. Must make do with an embroidered face.Had no choice about eliminating buttons, but I still wanted something more! Nothing tiny that could be swallowed, but some kind of embellishment or addition. Have been thinking about accessories...but for whom? For Bryce Eleanor or for Jenny Claire?

Anyway, the inspiration for this doll project: I had seen some cute pictures from Stray Sock Sewing on a couple of blogs, and when I saw the book at the library, I checked it out. The book is full of cute lil' creatures, so I bought some socks (my stray socks would certainly not be suitable) and created the androgynous character above. Fun and easy. Use your imagination and you don't really need the book, just the socks.

Picked up my clean and well-adjusted sewing machine before 5:00. Have yet to set it back up because--in its absence, I covered every square inch with books, yarn, felt, fabric, thread, scissors, et ceteraaaa. It was gone for just a little more than 24 hours!

When I got back from yoga tonight, it dawned on me that the sock dolly needed a hat (it is COLD outside) and got right to work on one. It was the only accessory/embellishment I could think of that did not involve buttons, beads, or sequins, and it didn't take long to make! Will take a picture tomorrow of the final, final version of the sock doll complete with lime green crochet hat. And may start on another one, 'cause it was quick and easy and fun.

Hat finished and trimmed with green fringe-y yarn, I made some popcorn for supper (Fee is still out of town) and settled in to read a Maisie Dobbs mystery. Nice cozy finish to the day.


  1. Jenclair, you turn out the cutest lil things!

  2. rian - Thanks! I loved making this little fella'!

    Kay - I think Bryce Eleanor will enjoy him--he's really soft.

  3. oh he is so cute. I like the Joy socks too - i dont think any stray socks here (kids white turned to grey school socks) would really cut it either.

  4. paula - my socks get pretty rough treatment!

  5. Wonder what the record time is for filling the space left by a sewing machine away to be fixed for a while? (I can almost cover the machine itself in about an hour when the fabric is really flying!)
    Judy B

  6. Judy--Amazing how quickly chaos can occur1

  7. Oh that is such a cute doll, I love the JOY socks too. Glad your machine is back.


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