Sunday, December 14, 2008

Party, Party, Party

The birthday party was a complete success! Beautiful children...
(click to enlarge)
a snow tunnel, and hot chocolate bar...

food, family, friends...Fee made gumbo, deer chili, and a cheese and crawfish concoction for hungry parents and kids. Amelia and Chris had adult beverages for parents, including a wonderful warm spiced cranapple cider with rum.


  1. Now, I am starving. I want some of that Southern Food. The children ARE beautiful. Lovely photos.

  2. what a fun party. and the food sounds yummy

  3. Gerrie - It really was delicious! I keep that man for his cooking skills, and his daughter doesn't fail to request them either.

    Paula - The kids were so damn good! Not a whining baby among them.

  4. It looks like a lot of YUMMY FUN!

  5. a happy bunch as well as good looking. love the looks of those cupcakes...

  6. Precious!
    The look of total glee... I may have to buy myself an Elmo!

  7. Deb - Oh, yesssss! Good food and some alcoholic libations for adults!

    ACey - They were all so sweet--kids and cupcakes.

    Kim - That was only after the initial look of horror and confusion when Elmo first started laughing!


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