Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In Process

This is a project under construction...

It will be an embroidery kit for Maggie for Christmas. I bought the floss last week and have been going through my stash of buttons (old and new), charms, fibers,beads, etc. How much fun is this?

Of course, I'm pretty much running around like the proverbial chicken trying to get caught up on all of the last minute details after having been out of commission for nearly a week.

I think I'm getting there...sure hope so!


  1. This sort of gift is as much fun to wrap as it is to open!
    Have a great Christmas!
    Judy B

  2. I think I am on the back side of this pesky cold we have both had this past week. Good riddance! I hope you are too.

    Happy Holidays, Jen!

  3. JudyB - I just got home with a few more items - beading needles, needle threaders, etc. I've got to finish it up!

    Merry Christmas to you, too!

    Debra - Still sniffling a little, but my gosh, so much better! It is so annoying to get sick so close to Christmas, isn't it? It has really thrown a kink into my plans, but I'm scurrying as fast as I can.

    Merry Christmas, Debra!


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