Monday, December 15, 2008

I was tagged for this challenge by Paula at A Latte Quilts:

*Go to the fourth photo file on your computer
*Choose the fourth picture in that file

*post it and explain
*tag four people to do the same

Oh, this turned out to be a good one! This is a scan I made of some old family photos. This one is my uncle, my dad (Laddie) in the middle, and a friend in 1926 or 1927.

I'm not going to tag anyone, but this is such a fun Challenge, I hope some of you will participate and leave a comment so I can see your photo.


  1. I love the photo... unfortunately I don't think I could play the challenge as there are so many layers to my photo files there's no way I could figure out what is the fourth 'photo file' .... I am planning on posting an old photo or two tomorrow however.....

  2. kimy - I can certainly understand your problem! Too many photos from which to choose!

  3. I like this idea and may do it, but since I posted today, I'll wait a while :)

    Lovely birthday party photos. What great fun that must have been.

  4. Kay - :) looking forward to seeing your picture!

  5. I love type trays too. So great for so many small collections.

  6. Connie - I really am on the look-out for more!


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