Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Clean Machine?

Yesterday, I took my machine to the local quilt shop to be cleaned. I didn't go in as early as planned because of the torrential rains that pounded, then let up, then came again. When I got there around noon, I was informed that he might not have time to get to it. Will go by later today and pick it up--clean or not.

He comes every Tuesday, so it isn't a big deal...except for the fact that the machine is heavy and awkward and I don't like it to be gone even if I'm not using it and even if it is only for a day.

While in the shop, however, I noticed that they had 2 packages of the square buttons! Since my attempt to order was foiled because they'd sold out (although they will notify me by email when they get a new shipment), I was delighted to find two packages left on the rack.

Last night I put the latest square embroideries onto the square buttons.
I also bought a yo yo maker. Because I needed one, surely. :) Have to laugh at the need to make this purchase since yo yos require so little effort, but at least I didn't buy any fabric.


  1. Those buttons are all the more wonderful now that they've been completed. Really like the fabric used as a backdrop for the yo-yo maker. I bought a generous selection of decorative threads yesterday. Didn't need them. Don't care.

  2. ACey - The backdrop fabric is part of a pile of Christmas or Christmassy-looking fabric I ordered on sale last year after the holidays. The intention was to make Christmas items during the year...which didn't happen.

    Good for you on the decorative threads! The attitude in the last sentence made me laugh!

  3. The buttons look great made up. I laughed at the "quick" on the yo yo packet. is Clover implying they're not quick at all?

  4. Paula - I tried one today. It was pretty "quick" - :p

    Quicker than my usual method of drawing, cutting, and pressing on freezer paper. However, I don't make yo yos that often and bet I won't be able to find the darn thing in a month or two.


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