Saturday, December 13, 2008

Birthday Party

Yesterday, before Bryce Eleanor arrived, I was frantically trying to get a gift bag together for her pillow and sock doll. First, it was just going to be a muslin bag...but then an appliqued "B" appeared.

Had to fancy that up a bit.Finally got it done and stuffed the gifts inside.

Amelia and Chris were going out to Chris' squadron party, so I got to keep Bryce Eleanor, who is sweetness with a runny nose!

"And prick it with 'B'/And throw it in the oven for Baby and me."

The birthday party is today. Amelia will have a little extra, unencumbered time to prepare, and Fee and I will bring the birthday girl in time for her to get dressed.


  1. Sweet. Baby AND the B-Bag.

  2. Those pictures of Bryce are amazingly beautiful. And what a wonderful grandmother you are - these girls have wonderful keepsakes. it's a very pleasant way to spoil them.

  3. rian - I love the softness of the black and white! It seems like the essence of "baby." Or toddler, I guess now, since she is perambulating on her own now.

    ACey - Thanks! You know darn well that I look for excuses to make things! :) I do hope some of them will be keepsakes some day, kind of like the Velveteen Rabbit -- battered yet loved; but I'm always looking for an excuse and a purpose to make handmade. The grands are just perfect for that!

    Thanks, Debby!

  4. oh how fun! I just caught up on the last couple days....I didn't even realize I was 'behind' .... I love the sock doll! the party sounds divine. happy birthday bryce eleanor. beautiful children indeed!!!

    fun, and fabulous sounding food! I'd like to be part of your family for sure!!

  5. kimy - The party was great fun! Come on down and have gumbo any time!


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