Sunday, December 07, 2008


Remember the bee I was embroidering -- oh, a couple of months ago? Another UFO almost complete! This one is now a pillow... If I don't know what to do with something, it becomes a small quilt (doll or wall) or a pillow.
I love the shiny silk thread on the brown linen.

The finished object (no longer another UFO) will make it into the next post. Another UFO completed!

Blurry picture of another little embroidered button wannabe. It will be a button when I find those little square devils and get them covered.
Next? I've had several things on my list: some gift bags, a yoga mat bag (my new mat won't fit in my old bag), and several more UFOs.

Anyone else out there whose "reach exceed[s] [her] grasp"? To paraphrase Browning.

When does a WIP become a UFO?
Were are you on your WIPs and UFOs?


  1. Linda Caldwell12/07/2008 12:34 PM

    Doesn't it feel wonderful to finish those WIP and UFOs? And your embroidery is so beautiful and unique? Would you mind letting me know where you find your square button covers? I have googled and have been unable to find them. Thanks. Linda Caldwell

  2. i love your stitching! and that little sheep is a fav.

  3. Im with Jude - i love your stitching. I have had a year of finishing wips and ufos - clearing the decks so i can start again.

  4. Linda - Whew! It does feel good to finish something!

    I purchased the square buttons at JoAnn's. However, I went this afternoon to buy some more, and they didn't have them! Maybe they were just out of them, but I didn't even see an empty rack for them. I just spent some time searching for them on line and found some--

    square buttons

    I went ahead and bought some round metal ones, but if JoAnne's doesn't get any more square ones in, I'll be ordering them.

    jude - Thanks! I hope I can find my other square ones soon, so I can use the pieces I've already embroidered to fit.

    Paula - Funny how I've been able to put things aside all year and now, all of a sudden feel compelled to finish some of them. I guess there comes a saturation point with UFOs!

  5. I decided 2009 is going to be a "completion" year for me. Have most of my WISP's and UFOs packed up in [moving] cartons. So I am only working on three labor intensive things, a doodle cloth (that will someday be a bookcover) and then whatever little samples and color-centric distractions I devise for myself. It's a very different way of being. Am not sure if I actually like it or if I am just holding my own in the state of larger flux over moving, etc.

  6. Wonderful stiches!

  7. Love the bee =-) Of course, you know me and bees...=-) =-)

  8. ACey - I think that is a great idea about setting 2009 as a "completion" year! I may try that myself. Keeping in mind that it includes projects begun in 2009, not just previous UFOs or WISPs. And I like Works In Slow Progress to describe certain projects.

    Waltraud - Thanks!

    Debby - Oh, yes. Down to your signature line! :)

  9. b-b-b-beautiful!!!!

    where am on on my wip and ufo's - I don't want to go there. I'm trying to maintain a positive attitude!!!

  10. kimy - :) Thinking about those UFOs can upset the balance, can't it? I'm curious about all of the reasons behind our tendencies to have so many...

  11. I gave up on WIP/UFO. I'm just doing Now and Next.

    Love the embroidery - pure joy!

  12. Kim - Now and Next! :) That would make a great motto!


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