Thursday, December 04, 2008

Asanas, Buttons, UFO

After yoga last night, Robin and I steamed until we looked like lobsters and were weak in the knees! Then as we were leaving, we stepped out into a humonguous storm and got further soaked on the way to our cars.

I love yoga. I love the differences in approach from Susan's Monday night class (which I missed this week) to Ginny's Wednesday night class. I love the feeling afterwards. Although I usually try to do additional sessions at home during the rest of the week, intention and action don't always coincide.

The same problem occurs with meditation. Intention: twice a day. Reality: often only once a day, and some days are a complete miss. Still, the benefits are worth the continued effort for a regular twice-a-day schedule.

One source recommended slowing the breath to 4 breaths per minute or less. That is my first effort when I prepare to meditate. I watch the clock and if I can't get down to 4 in the first minute, then I'm almost always there by the second, and then can quickly move into a relaxing and refreshing session. Maybe alternating a seated session with a qi gong standing meditation would provide some variety.

I've been working on some more of these square buttons at night.
I've finally decided to do the quilting on this piece. It has been staring at me long enough and will be a wall quilt or a doll quilt or whatever, but it will be finished.


  1. love these tiny gems...the smallness just pulls me in.

  2. jude - Thanks! It is strange how much time goes into such tiny things, but how much pleasure they are to do.

  3. I especially love the little duck. I like to do slow breath meditation after I have done some hand stitching because then I'm already slowed down and can get into the flow of it pretty seamlessly.

  4. ACey - You are right, hand stitching is a perfect lead in to meditation!


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