Monday, December 29, 2008

Already Over!

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas, full of family, friends, and food!

Bryce Eleanor on Christmas Eve. They sure catch on quickly to the cell phone idea!Christmas Day down at the cabin at Raft Bayou. Maggie, Teresa, Robin--Ladies in Red.

Katie and Jeffrey.Little brother and his girls.

This game shocks you if you aren't fast enough! It was too funny to watch!
My favorite present was a book that Amelia made with Shutterfly of Bryce Eleanor's first year--from birth to first birthday! Wonderful!


  1. What a beautiful family, and what a wonderful Christmas it must have been.

  2. You just have the cutest grandbabies! Where's Amelia's pic?

  3. Adorable! Bryce in her tartan and Uggs. Too cute.

  4. Kay - We did have a great time!

    Debra - Thanks, I think my grands are pretty grand! Amelia is in the second picture, holding Miss Bryce.

    Rian - Amelia is creating a little fashionista; she preferred Leggos to dolls when she was little, but loves dressing this doll.

  5. Nice family pictures. Cute, cute baby!

    What's the shocking game? I've never heard of it. Sounds like it could be painful to play.

  6. nothing like a party! and the first year of a life....except the rest of it i guess. and now a happy new year!

  7. Deb - Four people hold the little handles with a buzzer, when the light in the middle turns green, those who weren't quick enough on the buzzer get a little shock. It isn't really painful, but "shocking" and their were some choice words shouted. It was fun to play and just as much fun to watch.

    jude - We had a lot of fun and plenty of turkey!


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