Thursday, December 11, 2008

All Done

I'm so pleased with the finished doll. But it has no name--any suggestions?
Made a tiny yo yo to go on the crocheted hat. Now I'm happy! I've embellished and accessorized! The yo yo is sewn on with two different threads and with frequent stops and knots, so it isn't likely to come off into a baby mouth, but Mama can remove the hat entirely when she lets Bryce Eleanor play with it.

Today is Bryce's birthday--one year old. Her party is not until Saturday, but I'm ready now that her pillow and doll are finished. I'll be keeping her tomorrow night so her parents can attend a Christmas party and on Sat. morning complete preparations for the birthday party.

For some reason the lime felt photographs almost yellow.
I had no idea how much fun making this little doll would be! There will certainly be more in the future.


  1. So so cute. How about Chartreuse Charlene or just Chartreuse Joy.

  2. how about Busta or Bustine as in Bustine with Joy?

  3. Jo Jo. maybe becaue of the yo yo. and the joy joy and maybe a one year old could say it. very nice. the hat makes it. and i prefer the embroidered face to buttons myself.

  4. He looks like a Flip. Or a Marty. Great job!

  5. Gerrie - I do love Chartreuse! It seems like such a happy color to me. Obviously I'm drawn to fabric, yarn, patterns, thread, etc. with just that chartreuse flavor.

    Karoda - He really was busting with stuffing for awhile!

    Paula - I actually thought of Jo because when I thought about making him a pair of pants, I realized it would cover the "y" and leave JO! And Bryce Eleanor is named after my mother, Jo Eleanor. This one is lookin' good.

    Kate - :) Marty is my brother's name so I kinda' like that--it could provide all kinds of smart-alec references!

  6. Adorable! -- and fun to make, that is JOY!
    How about Jae O'Wye? Bryce can get a jump start on learning her ABC's. I can just see her poking the letters. Oh, and you could have a little rhyme:
    Jae O'Wye brings joy to me.
    On her belly you can see
    Lime green letters in a row
    that spell JOY from head to toe.

  7. If the weather here warms up like it is supposed to in summer I could use a new pair of socks way before it is needed next winter. Lovely doll!

  8. I terrible at names, but just wanted to say I think he's awful cute!!! Please visit my blog, you've been tagged!!!! Thanks for stopping by mine!

  9. Kim - Damn! You're a poet, too! I love the poem, I'm going to print it out and attach it to the gift bag! Thanks, Kim!

    virtualquilter- You can always use more socks!

    Paula - Thanks! I'll stop by!

  10. I think his name should be Boogie.

  11. Rian - I bet he can boogie up a storm if there's a band playing!


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