Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Who Do You Think You Are?

Christine Kane recently had an article in her newsletter titled Who Do You think You are? I wanted to link to it, but couldn't find the article on her blog, so I guess it was just in the newsletter. It was about that snarky little voice in your head that says you are not worthy and keeps you in your place. Kane says you should answer that voice, answer it loudly, and clearly and confidently. Affirm your strengths and your values.

I remembered it because we all have that voice in our heads that tries to prevent us from taking risks, from stepping out there, and then I ran across this video about that voice and creativity and motherhood:

Here is the link to the website and to an article about the documentary. This is a movie I want to see.

I should always check my links. My link last Friday was supposed to be to Calamity Kim's post about dreaming about quilting, However, as Kim of Skybell Arts noticed, it did not! It does now, though as I've gone back and fixed it. Thanks, Kim for letting me know!


  1. I guess I'm lucky, I don't have that little voice in my head telling me not to take the risk. On the flip side, though, I have made some pretty bonehead decisions in my life...

  2. the film is coming to cleveland, although unless things change I have to wait till may! but luckily I have my 2009 calendar up - I'm off to put it on the calendar.

    yeah! hope you and yours had/are having a wonderful thanksgiving weekend....

  3. rian - :) Well, I've had the voice and still made plenty of bonehead decisions!

    kimy - They sent me an email asking about a site for a showing, and I gave them the email address of the Robinson Film I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


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