Sunday, November 23, 2008


I wanted to make what I thought was a log cabin block with a spiral. The idea is almost the same, but there is a big difference in the order in which you apply the pieces.
Even though I had drawn out and colored the way I wanted it to go, the difference in the order didn't penetrate. Result: I had to unsew several pieces. A slow learner, this process happened more than once.

Using the scraps shown yesterday--left over from Bryce Eleanor's baby quilt last year. They are mostly Anna Maria Horner's line with some Kona Cotton thrown in. Because they are scraps and left overs, some pieces were larger, some smaller, and some scraps were plentiful while others were not. Therefore...liberated wonky style.

Getting bigger~~
I've finished quilting the Mojo pillow and will make the back today. Then I can add him to our cabin pillow collection. And probably begin another pillow.


  1. I always have a problem with this type of block. I think it is a left brain/right brain thing. I am just not very logical in my thinking! I like the block!

  2. Love this log cabin - very wonky and fun

  3. The scraps are working well!

  4. gerrie - :) The problem with this version is that the instinctive order of attaching the pieces is not the correct order. In a regular log cabin the order is logical, instinctive, and familiar-- changing the pattern throws me.

    juliann in WA - Thanks! I like the spiral effect.

    virtualquilter - Thanks!

  5. Oooo! I love this...and wonky is great fun, isn't it! Yeah, I'm one who would have trouble with piecing order here...

  6. Debby - :) Yep. I made several boxes by just following the log pattern assembly and had to unstitch them!


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