Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the poppies blow...

I miss the poppies. They used to be so common on Veterans' Day.

In Flanders Fields Museum

The History of Veterans Day

The Poppy Campaign

Let's Say Thanks


Some of the things we found in Laddie's trunk, his Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, and Lucky Bastard Certificate.

Thanks to all of our Service Men and Women, Past and Present.


  1. I loved the poppies too. My sister and I were in England a couple of years ago for this day, and they still sell poppies everywhere there. I bought some as a souvenir. They're such a sweet memorial of such an unusually awful and pointless war.

  2. Kay - The Europeans take the holiday very seriously, but then both World Wars had such a devastating effect in Europe. I don't know why the poppies are no longer as common here, but I miss them.

  3. Me too, Jen. I didn't see anyone on Tuesday handing them out. Wish I had a few of those little plastic flowers from past Veterans days.

  4. annie - I think it is a shame that this yearly tradition is disappearing. I do wish I had some of the little pins from the past!


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