Friday, November 07, 2008

A Perfectly Peculiar Day

Here is the other print from A Fanciful Twist -- A Perfectly Peculiar Day.

Detail.And she included another postcard!

I can't wait to have them framed!


  1. these are really great, thanks for the link. i love the lightness of the figures combined with the fullness of the thought.

  2. jude - She really has a light-hearted approach to life, doesn't she?

  3. I just love her work. This is so refreshing...Looks like you like red balloons!
    I'm working with a friend whose from Louisiana and her parents just flew out here from there for her wedding. Cute accents!

  4. sabii wabii - I love her approach to life. She creates her life like a fairy tale and her art is a reflection.

    We have friends from Lafayette whose accents are so entirely Cajun. LOVE to listen to them.


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