Monday, November 17, 2008

Morning Musings...

I'm still moodling, but not as frequently. Early morning light not the best, but has its own beauty on this clear, cold morning. (click to enlarge)
I love tea. Fee brought me this lovely box yesterday...which is even prettier on the inside and filled with delicious tea selections!
Time for a cuppa'~~ while I consider all of the WIPs I have in progress, all of the projects I have in mind, and all of the mundane, but necessary, chores I have to take care of.


  1. I'm behind with reading and commentng, and you've had some wonderful posts. Happy birthday, and many more, first, and second, your pillow is beautiful!

    I like the fabric envelope idea, too.

  2. LOVE the moodling colorations. Been having difficulty commenting here recently so hope this one goes through.

  3. The gift bags are a wonderful idea - already followed the link back and got all inspired (but I have to stop collecting ideas for projects and actually spend some time working on them!)

    Lovely moodle!

  4. Kay - Thanks, I had a lovely birthday! I'm enjoying the pillow thing - they have provided great busy work with a product I enjoy.

    ACey - Playing with the colors is a joy, especially with the silk floss!

    Kim - I had a lot of fun with the gift envelopes last year. They are a kind of gift in themselves, and I have to stop collecting and get busy, too!


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