Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Aren't these gorgeous? I walked to the florist shop a block or two from Erin's and bought her these flowers one day last week. I couldn't make up my mind and kept saying "and that one, and that one" -- the colors of the roses were so lovely and that blue in the delphiniums, mmmm.

After 9 days in Baton Rouge, I made it home yesterday in time to vote. I would have stayed another day or two to help Erin move into her new condo, but had to get home to vote and check on Laddie. We did get a lot of packing done and took over a bunch of boxes ourselves, but the movers will be there today to complete the job.

Last night, a long soaking bath, election returns, and my little dog Mac beside me. Fee didn't get in until late, but I needed the down time.

How about this funky outfit?

And this cowlick!
Had a great time with the grands.

So many WIPs languishing... I was in the midst of a productive spell in August, but have been unable to get back to that place and now November is here, and I'm still in a rut.

No, I think the rut has ended. When I get home from the meeting this morning, the studio is going to see some organization and some sewing!

Later I'm going to tell you about a great book that I read...actually, read it twice and want to share, but now off to get ready.


  1. Beautiful flowers and even more beautiful kids!!

  2. Your grandbabies are sooo sweet! I love the funky outfit and the cowlick! I'm home, too...for the week, then it's off to TX to see DS and DDIL...THEN I'm REALLY home after that...whew...what a six months this has been...

  3. Gerrie - Thanks! I wanted everything in the cooler at the florist, but just couldn't afford them all!

    Debby - You have had a busy 6 months! Hoe you have a great time with your son and daughter-in-law before settling back in at home.


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