Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fanciful Magritte

A while back, I ordered two prints from A Fanciful Twist and was planning to have them framed before posting the pictures, but life kept getting in the way. The nice part is that I've rediscovered them and have almost as much pleasure as when they first arrived in the mail!

Do visit Vanessa's lovely, whimsical website and her Etsy shop. On My Way to See Magritte is a canvas print of an original painting. Vanessa included these charming postcards in the package.
I'll show you the other print I ordered tomorrow.


  1. the top artwork evokes thoughts of fantastic planet a wonderful sci-fi film of the 1970s SWEET work!!

  2. kimy - I fell in love with the title and love the bright whimsy of it.


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