Friday, November 21, 2008

Fabulous Friday

Attitude is everything! So I am sure this Friday will, indeed, be fabulous.

Last Friday was. Had lunch with Thomas, and he gave me this terrific tee shirt! Instead of Kung Fu Panda, it's Tai Chi Panda. It came from China and has the 24 postures on the front.
In Wu Style, we learned the thirteen, then the 22, then the 44, then the 108 postures. I'm not sure which style is depicted (probably Yang or Chen), but I love the tee shirt.A little strip piecing. Yesterday was a play day; today means back to business. Lots of chores and errands left over from yesterday's cheerful neglect of all things needful and devotion to all pleasurable things.
I don't think all of the blogs I follow are showing up on Bloglines. Or maybe some of the folks I read are just not posting.

Anyway, I enjoyed this post by Calamity Kim who is quilting in her dreams.


  1. Ooops! Your new header is showing up huge in my browser. I love the t-shirt and the fabrics in the strip piecing. Nice eye candy this morning.

  2. I can recognize some of the moves in that way kewl tee. I read my blogs via Google Reader. It doesn't seem to be 'down' as much as bloglines.

  3. Gerrie - Going from bad to worse. I've been playing with the header for some time now and yuck! I am, however, tired of it will stay this way until I work up the courage to try again.

    paula - I may end up with Google Reader. Most of what I hear about it is very positive!

  4. great tee shirt!

    okay caught did I fall so far behind!


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