Friday, October 24, 2008

This and That: Birds, Tonsils, Books

A little more on the weird birds...

The garden is winding down,
but there are still spots of color...

Will be heading to Baton Rouge on Sunday as Erin is having her tonsils out Monday morning. Having this done isn't fun, but Erin is thinking positively about the fact that she won't have to deal with the same problems every year.

Lots of liquids, popsicles, yogurt, etc. I'm thinking of some soups for when she begins to improve, but initially, broth.

Speaking of yogurt, I took Laddie his frozen yogurt a while ago. He doesn't respond to much any more, but he does love Frosties and ice cream and frozen yogurt.

For those of you who enjoy mysteries, I just finished an excellent one: In the Woods by Tana French. I reviewed it here, but had to be discreet because I didn't want to give too much away.


  1. love that stitchery.
    there is something about food that brings people joy. i remember that when my dad wasn't responding much. chocolate pudding would just bring a smile.

  2. Thanks, jude, these little stitcheries keep my mind occupied.

    The taste for sweets remains, and anything that will bring a smile or bit of communication is a treat for both of us.

  3. your embroidery is beautiful and those hyacinth beans are lovely. I have to remember to buy a plant for my trellis next summer.

  4. Thanks, Rebekah! The hyacinth bean has such beautiful flowers during the summer and the bright, cheerful beans in the fall! Great for a trellis!


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