Friday, October 17, 2008

Strange Birds

In addition to the moodling, I've begun a new little embroidery of strange creatures and weird flowers similar to the one I attempted with machine stitching. Ugh. Was not at all happy with this one. My machine was giving me trouble with tension, which was eventually remedied, but did not improve my feelings about this practice piece.

So...time to try again. Using a water soluble pen, I drew another version on a small piece of linen (now wish I'd used the beige linen instead of the white; will try that on another day). This experiment is already more enjoyable, if much slower.
For Chocolate Lovers Everywhere: Did you know chocolate could be GOOD for your skin? Check this out. Hot chocolate is always a delicious treat in my book.


  1. Another reason to enjoy chocolate... Yes! I recently indulged myself by buying a container of Scharffen Berger Chocolate Covered Crystalized Ginger (here) - who knew I was making such a smart healthy purchase?

  2. I love your folky bird! He's cute!

  3. I think you're on to something her, Jenclair, with this stitch-sketching. I can see it evolving into something wonderful. Oh, the possibilities....

  4. Kim - :) What is not to admire about a woman who puts her health and well-being first!

    Deb - Thanks! He's a strange bird, but I'm enjoying him.

    rian - It is a pastime that currently has no further purpose but the pleasure of the stitching. Much fun!

  5. Love this design - love them both!

  6. Kate - Thanks! I am going to try the machine embroidery again some time, but I like using the colors in the second version, too


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