Saturday, October 11, 2008

October Pleasures

Isn't October a lovely month? Those cool snaps that occasionally make their way to our area provide such delight, such energy, such improved spirits. Fall has always been my favorite time of year, and certainly the relief from our hot, humid summers justifies a celebration.

Time for banana bread...
and Louisiana Hayride bean soup (my version...
There has been no studio time lately. I've mostly been attending to daily chores, playing catch up on several duties that tend to get put off (delayed, forgotten), reading...anything but sew.

The table began catching books and laundry and (although not yesterday) newspapers.
Thinking about what to do with our little cottage and small garden area down at Raft Bayou requires searching through some of my books and magazines...
Have Laddie's laundry folded and ready to go. That little spray bottle has a quick mix of spearmint and lavender for a sweet scent.
Avoiding the studio has not been a deliberate choice-- more a too lazy to think period--but the fallow period has gone on long enough.

I began working on the back of a pillow yesterday. I had already uses scraps and left over borders, so I just added here and there until I had the right size for the back. Then I decided to embroider a little...

But there are still a lot of book distractions and Daniel Jackson of Sourcebooks sent me some delicious books that made my day yesterday which I'll tell you about later, but I'm very excited about these!


  1. Welcome back. I'll be interested in hearing about your books. I've been doing some reading myself.

  2. Kay - I still have several other reviews to catch up on for the book blog and several in the TBR stack, but I'm thrilled with this new batch. What have you been reading lately?

  3. Hey there. Good to hear from you. I could almost smell the spearmint and lavender.

  4. The soup looks good. I told my husband now that the cooler weather is upon us I'm making soup once a week. I'm looking forward to adding some new recipes to the mix.

  5. Gerrie - Oh, it does smell good and fresh!

    Kim - I love soups! One nice thing is that they can be frozen and pulled out as needed and another is that they are simple and filling.


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